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Better Connected

Public Service Reform in Sheffield

Better Connected is Sheffield's approach to public service reform, focused on an ambitious vision to deliver public services that are designed around citizens, that foster resilience and promote independence in our communities and that deliver better outcomes for the people who use them, as well as providing good value for money.  We want services that are better connected between different sectors and providers, and better connected to the people they serve.

Our current programme focuse on some key areas of service delivery:

Integrating Health and Social Care

We are rethinking our approaches to keeping people well in their local communities. We are developing an ambitious plan of integrated commissioning, and have established a joint health and social care commissioning executive, which will use 2014/15 as a shadow year. Our initial focus is joint commissioning of support to keep people well at home, intermediate care, community equipment and long term high support with a focus around the needs of individuals, removing  blockages in and between organisations and spending  money together, not separately, making better use of our resources.

We know that the people of Sheffield do not want to be passed from ‘pillar to post’ in the system, but want to receive excellent, individualised care.  Integrated, joined-up care that brings together NHS, social care, and other forms of  support provided in people’s homes and communities is vital in improving people’s health and wellbeing.

Tackling Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is a major concern  in Sheffield City Region.  Ambition Sheffield City Region aims to address this by developing a radical and effective way of supporting young people.  Young people will have a single support worker guiding them through the process of finding work and holding down a job, providing support and challenge where appropriate Ambition SCR will also engage with employers to assist them in providing good opportunities and training for young people.  Our aim is to prove that locally designed and locally delivered services for the unemployed is the most effective and efficient  approach.

Providing Support to Families

Building on work Sheffield has been doing since 2011 developing a multi-agency approach to family support, and incorporating the Troubled Families work, the Building Successful Families programme has developed multidisciplinary teams with shared priorities, focused on a whole family approach and early intervention.  Families have one single trusted keyworker who works with them to tackle causes rather than symptoms, with employment and education seen as key to supporting sustainable change.

Making better use of Public Sector Assets

Sheffield Public Sector Assets Board aims to make significant savings and design better, more integrated use of public service assets through greater collaboration across public sector partners.  The work is a national pilot and leading national thinking in this area.

Better Connected Design Day

On 2nd April we held a design day workshop, bringing together programme leads and officers from these programmes.  Together with representatives from other public sector bodies, the voluntary and community sector, Sheffield University and leaders from Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, and Sheffield Teaching Hospital Trust, the PSTN and Sheffield First, they discussed how change is progressing in Sheffield and how organisations could work better together to accelerate the pace and scale and impact of public service reform in Sheffield.

You can read the report from the design day by downloading it below.