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Key Documents and Reports

Our work is focused on the aims set out in the City Strategy (Sheffield 2020), but there are other documents that also shape and guide what we do.

City Strategy

Titled Sheffield 2020: Where People Shape the Future, this is sets out what is needed to keep Sheffield as a great place to live and work.  Its five key ambitions are that Sheffield will be:

  • Distinctive
  • Successful
  • Inclusive
  • Vibrant
  • Sustainable


State of Sheffield 2015

The State of Sheffield is our yearly check on progress towards the ambitions set out in the City Strategy.  It looks at trends over time and comparisons with other cities to provide an assessment of the opportunities and challenges facing Sheffield at this point in time.

Sheffield 2035

Sheffield 2035 is the outcome of work between SEB and the University of Sheffield considering long term futures for the city and what needs to be done now to make our future the one we want.

Sheffield’s Employment Strategy

This document sets out how Sheffield will answer the challenges that face the city in terms of jobs and opportunities for its residents, using a partnership approach.