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The Sheffield City Strategy 2010-2020

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Sheffield 2020: Where People Shape the Future

Sheffield is a great city and we want to make sure that it continues to be successful over the next ten years.  This strategy outlines our vision for Sheffield in 2020. It has been produced through listening and talking with local people and hearing about your aspirations for yourselves, your children, your families, your communities, your businesses and the city you live in.

We know that we are building on success. Sheffield is now a city with global recognition. It is at the cutting edge of new technology, with two internationally renowned universities, a city of young people which continues to grow in population, a friendly place with vibrant and friendly communities, a thriving city centre, and beautiful parks and green open spaces.

We are not however complacent; we know that the benefits of our success have not been shared equally across the city and that, as a result, the experience of and outcomes for local people can be very different.

There are challenges ahead, but there are also significant opportunities. This strategy seeks to focus on those opportunities, as they represent the future for people living, learning, working and investing in this city.

Our vision
It’s 2020: Sheffield is a city of global significance, distinctive, successful, inclusive, vibrant and sustainable.
A great city, where people from across the world want to live, learn, work, invest and visit.

Our Five Key Ambitions
We recognise that we need to work hard to achieve this vision and to do so, we have agreed to focus on delivering five key ambitions for Sheffield:

  1. Distinctive; celebrating and communicating to people across the world the distinctive and authentic character of Sheffield, what the city has to offer and the sense of pride local people have in the city and its communities.
  2. Successful; building a strong, internationally successful local economy, working with our partners within Sheffield City Region to ensure that local industry and businesses trade with companies from across the world.
  3. Inclusive; a city which ensures that everyone has a chance to succeed and fulfil their potential, and where people feel welcomed, valued and can fully participate in the life of the city.
  4. Vibrant; celebrating the diversity, creativity, energy and innovation in Sheffield and ensuring that the city continues to be an international destination of choice, offering the highest quality cultural, shopping and sporting activities.
  5. Sustainable; a city where everyone plays their part to ensure that future generations can enjoy the city and its surrounding areas, and that Sheffield plays a role on the international stage in protecting our environment.

Download the full strategy below.

Become involved
As a partnership between local people, local businesses, the universities, colleges, the voluntary and faith sector and local public sector organisations, we are fully committed to delivering this strategy on behalf of the people of Sheffield. We can, however, only achieve the aspirations in this strategy if we have widespread support and the active involvement of local people.

  1. Find out what's going on in Your Local Area or speak to your local Councillor.
  2. Become a volunteer around a particular area of activity. To find out more, contact the Volunteer Centre Sheffield, telephone 0114 2536649.