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Who is Sheffield First Partnership?

Making the Right Things Happen for Sheffield

Sheffield First Partnership (SFP) brings together organisations and individuals from across Sheffield to address some of the key issues and opportunities facing the City.

The partnership is led by Sheffield Executive Board (SEB), where leaders from across the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors in the city meet on a regular basis with a focus on ‘making the right things happen for Sheffield’.

The SEB’s work is framed by the Sheffield City Strategy (Sheffield 2020), which sets out our long term vision for Sheffield as a city of global significance.

To test how well Sheffield is progressing towards the ambitions set out in the City Strategy, the SEB prepares the annual State of Sheffield report.  This outlines social, economic and environmental trends and performance in the city and is used to help SEB set annual priorities that require a whole city approach.

The SEB is also the lead body overseeing progress in regard to the implementation of the recommendations from the Sheffield Fairness Commission.

SFP also leads on a range of other city initiatives, such as:

  • facilitation of the Sheffield Employment and Skills Task Force under Sheffield's Employment Strategy;
  • leadership of the Sheffield response to the Government’s Whole Place Community Budgets programme, looking at public sector reform;
  • development of the Future Sheffield programme, building on Sheffield 2035, an initial discussion of Future Sheffield trends.

SFP works closely with key organisations and partnerships across the city and city region to ensure there is a joined up approach to key issues. This includes work with: