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Sheffield's Food Plan

Serving sushi at Food Festival launch

Have you thought about how much food affects our lives?
Sheffield has now finalised its own Food Plan, that will help Sheffield become a healthier city.

Why do we need a Food Plan?
Food has a massive impact on many parts of our lives. If people’s diets in the UK followed nutritional guidelines, 70,000 deaths could be avoided a year. Around 18 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are due to food production and consumption and the UK’s food and drink economy employs 3.7 million people.

The Food Plan aims to co-ordinate food work to ensure all people in Sheffield have access to healthy food, that Sheffield people are equipped with the skills they need to cook and eat food and that the wider positive environmental and economic impacts of Sheffield’s food can be maximised.

The plan looks at seven areas:

  1. Local Food - To make sure that food eaten in Sheffield is sourced as locally as possible.
  2. Cooking and Culture - To make sure all Sheffield residents can plan and cook healthy meals.
  3. Community Food Growing - To make community food growing activities an important part of Sheffield's communities.
  4. Access to Healthy Food - To make sure Sheffield residents are able to conveniently access, buy and consume healthy food.
  5. Public Sector Catering - To make sure food bought and sold by the public sector (the Council, NHS etc) is good for people’s health, the environment and the economy.
  6. Food businesses - To make sure Sheffield is a regional centre for quality, safe food that it is home to profitable food retail and manufacturing.
  7. Lifestages – Sheffield people are enabled and supported to make informed choices about their health through improved food, diet and nutrition throughout their lives.

Who is responsible for the development of the Food Plan?
The Food Plan was overseen by a steering group made up of a wide range of representatives from Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield, the voluntary and community sector and the business sector. Many other organisations, as well as the public, have been consulted during the development of the document.

The Sheffield Food Plan is funded by Sheffield's city-wide, £10million obesity prevention programme, Sheffield Let’s Change4Life ,which includes membership from NHS Sheffield, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sheffield's voluntary community. 

Consultation Feedback
The finalised Food Plan was approved by Sheffield City Council Cabinet on the 13 July. This followed a comprehensive consultation process. Over 60 consultation responses were received from a variety of businesses, voluntary groups, services and individuals. These responses were reviewed by the Food Plan Steering Group and helped inform the final version of the Food Plan. The consultation summary document below outlines the feedback. The final version of the Food Plan along with a summary is also available to view below.

A Sheffield Food Partnership is now being formed to oversee the delivery of the Food Plan over the next three years. As well as influencing the final version of the Food Plan, the consultation responses will also help to inform the annual review of the Food Plan, which will ensure that it is kept up to date and still meeting the needs of Sheffield.