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Sheffield City Partnership Board

Making the Right Things Happen for Sheffield

Statement of Purpose

The City Partnership is committed to effective collaboration, aiming to ensure that the key organisations and leaders in Sheffield are working together to build effective and inclusive solutions to the challenges facing the city, share responsibility, and ensure that Sheffield is fully grasping all opportunities.  The City Partnership will foster a culture of optimism and trust, building on what is already happening and achievements within Sheffield and the talent of local people and organisations.

For those interested in the work SCPB are doing in Sheffield, follow this link to read a summary of achievements of SCPB (formerly SEB) in 2015.

Key Issues
in 2016/17 SCPB has agreed to focus on 7 key issues:

  1. Devolution and Public Service Reform
  2. 100 Resilient Neighbourhoods
  3. Our Fair City
  4. Smart Sheffield
  5. Growth For All
  6. Innovation in Public Policy
  7. Attainment

The membership of the SCPB is made up of leaders from the private, public, voluntary and community, faith and academic sectors in the city.

The key criteria is to include people who are committed, passionate and confident, who are willing to challenge established thinking and approaches if required, but also offer and commit to developing solutions and ideas.

The SCPB is supported by a small team. The work is achieved through the collective contributions from all the partners. The team provides leadership and challenge making sure all our partners are pulling in the right direction to ensure successful delivery of the city vision.

SCPB papers are available for download.