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Sheffield Partnership Board

Making the Right Things Happen for Sheffield

Sheffield Executive Board (SEB) exists to provide leadership within the city on issues of city-wide significance, and to advocate for Sheffield collectively to Government, the European Union and other national and international forums.

The SEB is comprised of leaders from across the private, public, voluntary, community and faith sectors in Sheffield. It is a non-statutory body which can also be characterised as the "Group Board" for Sheffield's public services, each of which continues to operate independently within their own accountability framework.

The SEB will ensure that the principles of fairness, social justice, cohesion, sustainability and opportunity are central to all its activity.

For those interested in the work SEB are doing in Sheffield, follow this link to download and read the Board's Annual Report.

Key responsibilities
The key responsibilities of the SEB are:

  1. To provide effective, visible and accountable leadership across the city on behalf of the people of Sheffield.
  2. To lead in the preparation and delivery of the Sheffield City Strategy, ensure the strategy receives the full support and approval of each partner agency and that the plans and strategies of all relevant partner organisations are fully aligned to the City Strategy.
  3. To work with local people, through Community Assemblies and the Sheffield First Forum, to ensure local priorities are reflected in the Sheffield City Strategy, and to inspire the involvement of local people in the achievement of its ambitions.
  4. To encourage innovation and radical action between organisations, sectors and communities.
  5. To use resources effectively to deliver shared strategic priorities and lead on the development of joint commissioning, pooled and aligned budgets and Community Based budgeting.
  6. To commission and lead major service design programmes in order to maximise effectiveness.
  7. To ensure effective and complementary links are in place with other key partnerships, such as the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.
  8. To promote equality, fairness and social cohesion across Sheffield.
  9. To assess and implement effective responses to key risks affecting Sheffield.
  10. To promote Sheffield on the local, national and international arenas.

The membership of the SEB is made up of senior leaders of the major public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors in Sheffield.

The SEB is supported by a small team. The work is achieved through the collective contributions from all the partners. The team provides leadership and challenge making sure all our partners are pulling in the right direction to ensure successful delivery of the city vision.

Read more on our priorities and work plan for 2012-13.

Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference and a Statement of Purpose for the SEB can be downloaded below.

SEB papers for current and past meetings are available for download; we also produce a newsletter detailing key developments in our work.  If you would like to sign up to receive this please contact us at